If you’d told me a few years ago that ZimZoom would be having guests stand on a platform and filming them with a camera that spins around 360 degrees, I would have just laughed!  But the first time we experienced a 360 Photo Booth in action, we were hooked!  Since then, not only have we jumped on the 360 Video Booth trend, we’re doing it ZimZoom style which means: the highest quality, creativity and loads of style.

The ZImZoom 360 Experience has quickly become our hottest offering and it’s definitely the best way to make a spectacular impression at any event  – including Weddings, University Events, Marketing events and more!

The 5 most important factors in selecting a 360 Photo Booth

Fully Automatic – The first 360 platforms were all  manual.  That means someone had to stand there are spin the arm around each time.  Needless to say, that results in an unpredictable experience.   Make sure your 360 is fully automatic & triggered via remote control.  ZimZoom’s 360 is not only automatic but it’s also precisely calibrated so the arm starts and ends at exactly the same place.  That way, every session is carefully orchestrated – producing consistent and amazing videos every time.

The Platform – A sturdy platform that has room for a minimum of 3 guests is essential.  Not only is a small, unstable platform cramped – it can also be dangerous.  ZimZoom’s 360 platform can handle up to 4 guests & a 1200lbs load.  Not only that, it’s very low profile so access is a breeze and there’s rubberized surface so nobody loses their footing.

Hi-Quality Capture  & Pro Lighting – There are no shortage of great capture devices out there, but 360 video requires cameras that can operate in low light and capture at 240 fps for high resolution slow mo effects.  We use only iPhone 13 Pros or Mirrorless Cameras for the highest quality output.  Beware of vendors using iPads or inferior capture devices.  On top of that, lighting is key for great video.  You want crisp clear gorgeous videos don’t you?

Backing Tracks – Let’s face it – video without music is boring.  360 without a great backing track is even more boring.  A terrific music bed is essential but make sure that it’s royalty free.  (Yes, using copyrighted tracks without permission = big trouble.)  Well, ZimZoom offers a library of high quality royalty music tracks so you’re sure to find just the right beat.  And yes, if your guests want to add their own music afterwards – that’s just fine.

Instant Sharing & Live Gallery – Waiting is lame.  You need instant sharing.  Make sure your vendor is connected and lets your guests share their 360 Photo booth creations immediately!  ZimZoom always provides a custom QR code connected live gallery & microsite for instant fun and sharing.

That’s it for the 360 Photo Booth tips – happy spinning!