Ok, we do our best to set the stage for you.  Gorgeous backdrop, amazing props, carefully calibrated DSLR Camera & Studio Strobe lighting all configured for optimal photo quality.  What’s left?  YOU!  That’s right, we can only do so much (and believe me we have!)  But it’s time for you to take the stage.  So, are you ready to take your photo booth game to the next level?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  If you really want to supercharge your pics here are secrets for taking gorgeous photo booth photos:


  1. Eyes on the Lens Please
    We know it’s tempting to gaze lovingly at your gorgeous face in the live view screen – but trust us, you’ll want to look directly into the camera for an intense and stunning portrait.  Looking down at the screen will give you a dull detached appearance – so fix your eyes on that camera lens for a piercing look!
  2. Props that Pop
    Props that blend into the background or your clothing will get lost in the frame.  So be sure to select those props carefully… choose props that contrast with the backdrop, your clothing and the surroundings.  ** Also, specially curated props (um yes, of course we do this for every event) help a ton!  Pro Tip: that live view screen is like a mirror so words will appear horizontally flipped so don’t get confused
  3. Pose Prep Sesh
    Most of our photo booth layouts include several poses.  And as a bonus they’re assembled into a cute little animated gif.  So while the partiers ahead of you are posing away, consider your pose sequence.  Get your squad together and hatch a plan.  Creativity rules in the photo booth.  Stumped on what to do? Check out these Photo Booth Pose Ideas to help spark your imagination.  Our you can free form but for goodness sake don’t just stand there!
  4. Au natural (aka: ditch those props)
    I know, I know, we’re contradicting our above advice but hey, give me break – life is complicated. I mean ZimZoom Pro Booth is basically mobile photo studio capable of taking gorgeous professional portraits and you’re dressed all fancy so.. put those props down and strike a pose.  Glam it up!
  5. Wait for the Flash (not the countdown)
    Trade secret: Most DSLR photo booths have a slight pause after the countdown ends and before the shot is taken.  One thing you know for sure: the flash happens at the EXACT same time the photo is taken.  So unless you want to get caught with your eyelids half closed hold that pose until you see the flash!
  6. Action! (Lights, Camera)
    Let’s face it – standing there looking at the camera like that couple in American Gothic is sooo boring.  Go crazy! wave your arms, spin around, toss your hair, bark at the moon, make out with your partner, this is your time to let loose!
  7. Group Flex
    So you’ve mastered that solo pose & shared it to your insta.  But get your squad into the frame and the real party begins!  And don’t forget to take photos with the guest(s) of honor.   Pro Tip: For big groups, get everyone in position before starting the countdown – you don’t want anyone to get squeezed out of the pic.

Bonus Tip: (warning: shameless self promotion incoming) .. ZimZoom Photo Booth!  Not only are our photo booths outfitted with calibrated Pro DSLR Cameras and Pro Strobe Lighting – our Event Pros are experts at helping attendees (yes you) take gorgeous photos.   Check out our Photo Booth Galleries or the ZimZoom Photo Booth Instagram for some inspiring examples.  Happy photo boothing!