The ZimZoom Photo Booth Difference

The ZimZoom Photo Booth Difference

When it comes to photo booth rentals companies, there are a lot of options out there. But at ZimZoom Photo Booth, we believe that our combination of experience, technical expertise, reliability, and creative design sets us apart from the competition.

First, our experience is unmatched. With thousands of events under our belt, millions of photos and over 7 years in business, we have the knowledge and skills to handle any type of event. From small, intimate gatherings to huge, extravagant events, we’ve done it all and know how to make your photo booth experience a success.

Our technical expertise is also a major differentiator. Our team includes professional photographers, videographers who know how to make sure your photos and videos are of the highest quality. We use professional-grade equipment and have the skills to handle any lighting situation.  And, to ensure that you have a smooth and stress-free experience, we offer an up-time guarantee that your photo booth will be fully operational for the duration of your event.

But experience and expertise alone isn’t enough to make for a successful event. That’s why we also focus on reliability. Our logistics and event planning team makes sure that we are on time and ready to go for every event. We’re very familiar with nearly all the venues in our service area and have an extensive database with all the logistical details we might need.  

Another way in which we stand out is our ability to scale to meet the needs of any event. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate gathering or a massive corporate celebration, we have the resources to meet your needs. We have a range of options from Pro Booth Photo Studio with prints to LiteBooth Selfie Stations to 360 Video Experiences and can easily handle our multi-station at events with tens of thousands of attendees. 

Finally, our creative design team sets us apart by customizing graphics, backdrops, and props for each event. We work with you to craft a unique and personalized experience that fits the theme and style of your event. Whether you’re looking for a classic, elegant look or something fun and quirky, our team can make it happen.

At ZimZoom Photo Booth, we believe that our combination of experience, technical expertise, reliability, and custom design sets us apart from the competition. We’re committed to making your photo booth experience a success, and we’re confident that we can provide you with the best service in the industry. Contact us today to learn more and book your event.

360 Photo Booth – 5 things To Look For

If you’d told me a few years ago that ZimZoom would be having guests stand on a platform and filming them with a camera that spins around 360 degrees, I would have just laughed!  But the first time we experienced a 360 Photo Booth in action, we were hooked!  Since then, not only have we jumped on the 360 Video Booth trend, we’re doing it ZimZoom style which means: the highest quality, creativity and loads of style.

The ZImZoom 360 Experience has quickly become our hottest offering and it’s definitely the best way to make a spectacular impression at any event  – including Weddings, University Events, Marketing events and more!

The 5 most important factors in selecting a 360 Photo Booth

Fully Automatic – The first 360 platforms were all  manual.  That means someone had to stand there are spin the arm around each time.  Needless to say, that results in an unpredictable experience.   Make sure your 360 is fully automatic & triggered via remote control.  ZimZoom’s 360 is not only automatic but it’s also precisely calibrated so the arm starts and ends at exactly the same place.  That way, every session is carefully orchestrated – producing consistent and amazing videos every time.

The Platform – A sturdy platform that has room for a minimum of 3 guests is essential.  Not only is a small, unstable platform cramped – it can also be dangerous.  ZimZoom’s 360 platform can handle up to 4 guests & a 1200lbs load.  Not only that, it’s very low profile so access is a breeze and there’s rubberized surface so nobody loses their footing.

Hi-Quality Capture  & Pro Lighting – There are no shortage of great capture devices out there, but 360 video requires cameras that can operate in low light and capture at 240 fps for high resolution slow mo effects.  We use only iPhone 13 Pros or Mirrorless Cameras for the highest quality output.  Beware of vendors using iPads or inferior capture devices.  On top of that, lighting is key for great video.  You want crisp clear gorgeous videos don’t you?

Backing Tracks – Let’s face it – video without music is boring.  360 without a great backing track is even more boring.  A terrific music bed is essential but make sure that it’s royalty free.  (Yes, using copyrighted tracks without permission = big trouble.)  Well, ZimZoom offers a library of high quality royalty music tracks so you’re sure to find just the right beat.  And yes, if your guests want to add their own music afterwards – that’s just fine.

Instant Sharing & Live Gallery – Waiting is lame.  You need instant sharing.  Make sure your vendor is connected and lets your guests share their 360 Photo booth creations immediately!  ZimZoom always provides a custom QR code connected live gallery & microsite for instant fun and sharing.

That’s it for the 360 Photo Booth tips – happy spinning! 

Top 3 Wedding Photo Booth Trends in 2021

Top 3 Wedding Photo Booth Trends in 2021

2021 is behind us and it was certainly a comeback year for Wedding Photo Booths!  Love was in the air as record numbers of couples tied the knot and of course photo booths were a smash hit once again.  Here are the top 3 photo booth design trends of the year.

#1 Personalized Signs

By far the biggest trend in Photo Booth customization this year has been personalized signs mounted directly on the backdrop.  Usually these use a script font and often they’re neon.  One thing to keep in mind is that neon colors & lighting will not necessarily be as visible in a DSLR Photo due to the flash.  A better choice is a metallic finish like this example from a recent ZimZoom wedding:





#2 Flat Backdrops

While it’s tempting to choose a fancy pattern or shiny sequins, a flat backdrop can really make your subjects pop!  The most gorgeous photo booth photos often have a solid white, gray or color background.  This is one of our favorite photos of the year:





#3 B/W “Kardashian” Glam Photos

This is a trend from a few years ago that’s making a big comeback lately.  Classic black and white photos with a “beauty filter” consistently create dramatic and fashionable photos.  Couple with a monochrome backdrop, your guests will feel like they’re at a glam photo shoot.  





Why a Photo Booth is Perfect for your Holiday Celebration

Why a Photo Booth is Perfect for your Holiday Celebration

As I write this blog post in our Chapel Hill NC HQ, it’s a humid 90 degrees outside and rising.  So, perhaps you’re wondering.. why am I thinking about the Holidays in August?  Well, come to think of it – I do find it refreshing to fantasize about the cool crisp winter weather while in the midst of a mini summer heatwave.

However, as you may have guessed, there’s another more practical reason to bring up Holiday Parties right now: planning.

You may not realize this but December is our busiest month for photo booth rentals by far.  Yes, that’s right – Holiday Party Photo Booths are tremendously popular: Holiday Office Parties, Holiday Festivals, House Parties, Christmas Celebrations, Chanukkah Parties and of course New Years Eve Galas.  And while ZimZoom has the most capacity of any NC Photo Booth rental company, there’s a high probability that we’ll get fully booked up for most weekends in December.

So, you may be asking yourself – Why is a Photo Booth perfect for a Holiday Celebration?  Well, there are several reasons:

Props – whether it’s tinsel wands, antler tiaras, Santa hats, or clever prop signs (see “Drink Up Grinches” below) our specially selcted Holiday prop selection is the perfect ingredient for festive photos.

Ice Breaker – let’s face it.. Holiday Parties can be awkward and a Photo Booth session is the perfect activity to get people interacting, posing and just generally having fun

Kids – it’s a fact.. kids love photo booths! – what a perfect activity for the little elves at your celebration.  While you’re sipping on egg nog, the kids will be photo bombing each other and having a blast.

Keepsakes – when the party’s over and the holiday season is a mere memory, those photo strips on the refrigerator or tacked above your desk are the perfect way to re-experience the joy again and again.

So, what are you waiting for?  Now is the perfect time to reserve your Holiday Party Photo Booth! Plus the sooner you book, the more likely you’ll be eligible for early booking discounts.  Ready to start planning?  It’s super easy to get started – just fill out this form with more info and you’ll be on your way!

Need a little more convincing?  Check out a few of our favorite Holiday Party Photo Booth photos from the past couple of years:


7 Amazing Raleigh Wedding Venues

7 Amazing Raleigh Wedding Venues

When planning your special day, the Wedding Venue is one of the most important decisions to be made.  You can have the best food, drinks & entertainment but a spectacular venue will really make your Wedding shine!  There are so many important factors to consider when selecting the perfect wedding venue:

Size: How many guests do you expect?  Making sure the space is not too big or too small is key.  There needs to be room to dance, room to eat, space for a DJ or band, and of course a cozy spot for the Photo Booth 🙂  Pro-tip: High ceilings are really great for a feeling of expansiveness.

Style: Rustic.. modern.. minimalist.. elegant.. what style best fits your personality?  Are you fancy or down-to-earth?  Urban or earthy?  Eclectic or Traditional? Trust us, there’s a venue for every style!

Accessibility: If many of your guests are coming from out of town, you’ll want a venue located near hotels and other accommodations.  However, if most of your guests are local then a venue further out in the country would be a perfect escape.  Either way, you’ll need to plan on how guests will get to the venue and whether parking or other transportation arrangements will need to be made.

Outdoor Areas: In this post-covid age, it’s pretty great to have an outdoor area so your guests have more space to move around.  A natural environment and some fresh air is always welcome.  But make sure that the weather won’t spoil things – covered areas in case of rain and heaters for winter or fans & shade for summer please.

Well, we’ve had the pleasure of providing our Photo Booth experience at hundreds of Weddings in Raleigh and we’re always impressed that there are so many gorgeous venues to choose from.  So it was definitely challenging to pick, here’s a list of 7 of our favorite Wedding Venues in Raleigh, NC:

The Stockroom at 230
An urban venue nestled on the second floor of a century-old, Classic Revival building on Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh. The perfect blend of old and new stories welcome your guests as they stroll the city block by block, experiencing the Raleigh lifestyle inclusive of exceptional accommodations, restaurants, retail, and galleries.

The Maxwell
A brand new wedding venue where modern elegance meets classic luxury. As Raleigh’s newest venue we are a versatile and minimalist space for couples seeking sophisticated simplicity. Located only six minutes away from downtown Raleigh’s best hotels and amenities.

Market Hall
A full-service wedding and event venue nestled in the heart of downtown Raleigh’s Moore Square District. The historic venue is surrounded by the cobblestone streets and the shining lights of City Market. With a charming, historic feel, it’s surrounded by several of the hotels, popular restaurants, bars and nightlife that downtown has to offer!

Pavilion at Angus Barn
A hidden Raleigh jewel that accommodates a wide variety of wedding party sizes, ranging from 70 up to 400 guests. This venue, a dark wood structure surrounded by verdant greenery, has simplistic rustic charm with the added merit of historic flair. 

Melrose Knitting Mill
A chic, urban wedding venue located in downtown Raleigh. The mill was first built in 1900, and today it serves a number of purposes. The event space is a blank canvas for couples to transform and make their own. The open floor plan creates a sense of airiness, while exposed brick adds an industrial touch.

The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve
A 115 acre wedding, elopement, and event venue in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. Blending southern elegance, rolling meadows, and mature forests, the space is suited for couples telling their adventurous, timeless, and free-spirited love stories! Nestled in dense pines, Heron Hall is a seamless experience of indoor and alfresco spaces for grand affairs or intimate celebrations; the venue offers quietude and retreat for gatherings of every size!

North Carolina Museum of Art
Modern, light-filled galleries, outdoor sculpture gardens, inventive cuisine, and attention to detail make the North Carolina Museum of Art the ideal location for events and gatherings.

And of course, ZimZoom Photo Booth is the photo booth of choice at all of these Raleigh Wedding Venues, so rest assured – we know the perfect place for your photo booth experience!



7 Tips for Great Photo Booth Photos

7 Tips for Great Photo Booth Photos

Ok, we do our best to set the stage for you.  Gorgeous backdrop, amazing props, carefully calibrated DSLR Camera & Studio Strobe lighting all configured for optimal photo quality.  What’s left?  YOU!  That’s right, we can only do so much (and believe me we have!)  But it’s time for you to take the stage.  So, are you ready to take your photo booth game to the next level?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  If you really want to supercharge your pics here are secrets for taking gorgeous photo booth photos:


  1. Eyes on the Lens Please
    We know it’s tempting to gaze lovingly at your gorgeous face in the live view screen – but trust us, you’ll want to look directly into the camera for an intense and stunning portrait.  Looking down at the screen will give you a dull detached appearance – so fix your eyes on that camera lens for a piercing look!
  2. Props that Pop
    Props that blend into the background or your clothing will get lost in the frame.  So be sure to select those props carefully… choose props that contrast with the backdrop, your clothing and the surroundings.  ** Also, specially curated props (um yes, of course we do this for every event) help a ton!  Pro Tip: that live view screen is like a mirror so words will appear horizontally flipped so don’t get confused
  3. Pose Prep Sesh
    Most of our photo booth layouts include several poses.  And as a bonus they’re assembled into a cute little animated gif.  So while the partiers ahead of you are posing away, consider your pose sequence.  Get your squad together and hatch a plan.  Creativity rules in the photo booth.  Stumped on what to do? Check out these Photo Booth Pose Ideas to help spark your imagination.  Our you can free form but for goodness sake don’t just stand there!
  4. Au natural (aka: ditch those props)
    I know, I know, we’re contradicting our above advice but hey, give me break – life is complicated. I mean ZimZoom Pro Booth is basically mobile photo studio capable of taking gorgeous professional portraits and you’re dressed all fancy so.. put those props down and strike a pose.  Glam it up!
  5. Wait for the Flash (not the countdown)
    Trade secret: Most DSLR photo booths have a slight pause after the countdown ends and before the shot is taken.  One thing you know for sure: the flash happens at the EXACT same time the photo is taken.  So unless you want to get caught with your eyelids half closed hold that pose until you see the flash!
  6. Action! (Lights, Camera)
    Let’s face it – standing there looking at the camera like that couple in American Gothic is sooo boring.  Go crazy! wave your arms, spin around, toss your hair, bark at the moon, make out with your partner, this is your time to let loose!
  7. Group Flex
    So you’ve mastered that solo pose & shared it to your insta.  But get your squad into the frame and the real party begins!  And don’t forget to take photos with the guest(s) of honor.   Pro Tip: For big groups, get everyone in position before starting the countdown – you don’t want anyone to get squeezed out of the pic.

Bonus Tip: (warning: shameless self promotion incoming) .. ZimZoom Photo Booth!  Not only are our photo booths outfitted with calibrated Pro DSLR Cameras and Pro Strobe Lighting – our Event Pros are experts at helping attendees (yes you) take gorgeous photos.   Check out our Photo Booth Galleries or the ZimZoom Photo Booth Instagram for some inspiring examples.  Happy photo boothing!