When planning your special day, the Wedding Venue is one of the most important decisions to be made.  You can have the best food, drinks & entertainment but a spectacular venue will really make your Wedding shine!  There are so many important factors to consider when selecting the perfect wedding venue:

Size: How many guests do you expect?  Making sure the space is not too big or too small is key.  There needs to be room to dance, room to eat, space for a DJ or band, and of course a cozy spot for the Photo Booth 🙂  Pro-tip: High ceilings are really great for a feeling of expansiveness.

Style: Rustic.. modern.. minimalist.. elegant.. what style best fits your personality?  Are you fancy or down-to-earth?  Urban or earthy?  Eclectic or Traditional? Trust us, there’s a venue for every style!

Accessibility: If many of your guests are coming from out of town, you’ll want a venue located near hotels and other accommodations.  However, if most of your guests are local then a venue further out in the country would be a perfect escape.  Either way, you’ll need to plan on how guests will get to the venue and whether parking or other transportation arrangements will need to be made.

Outdoor Areas: In this post-covid age, it’s pretty great to have an outdoor area so your guests have more space to move around.  A natural environment and some fresh air is always welcome.  But make sure that the weather won’t spoil things – covered areas in case of rain and heaters for winter or fans & shade for summer please.

Well, we’ve had the pleasure of providing our Photo Booth experience at hundreds of Weddings in Raleigh and we’re always impressed that there are so many gorgeous venues to choose from.  So it was definitely challenging to pick, here’s a list of 7 of our favorite Wedding Venues in Raleigh, NC:

The Stockroom at 230
An urban venue nestled on the second floor of a century-old, Classic Revival building on Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh. The perfect blend of old and new stories welcome your guests as they stroll the city block by block, experiencing the Raleigh lifestyle inclusive of exceptional accommodations, restaurants, retail, and galleries.

The Maxwell
A brand new wedding venue where modern elegance meets classic luxury. As Raleigh’s newest venue we are a versatile and minimalist space for couples seeking sophisticated simplicity. Located only six minutes away from downtown Raleigh’s best hotels and amenities.

Market Hall
A full-service wedding and event venue nestled in the heart of downtown Raleigh’s Moore Square District. The historic venue is surrounded by the cobblestone streets and the shining lights of City Market. With a charming, historic feel, it’s surrounded by several of the hotels, popular restaurants, bars and nightlife that downtown has to offer!

Pavilion at Angus Barn
A hidden Raleigh jewel that accommodates a wide variety of wedding party sizes, ranging from 70 up to 400 guests. This venue, a dark wood structure surrounded by verdant greenery, has simplistic rustic charm with the added merit of historic flair. 

Melrose Knitting Mill
A chic, urban wedding venue located in downtown Raleigh. The mill was first built in 1900, and today it serves a number of purposes. The event space is a blank canvas for couples to transform and make their own. The open floor plan creates a sense of airiness, while exposed brick adds an industrial touch.

The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve
A 115 acre wedding, elopement, and event venue in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. Blending southern elegance, rolling meadows, and mature forests, the space is suited for couples telling their adventurous, timeless, and free-spirited love stories! Nestled in dense pines, Heron Hall is a seamless experience of indoor and alfresco spaces for grand affairs or intimate celebrations; the venue offers quietude and retreat for gatherings of every size!

North Carolina Museum of Art
Modern, light-filled galleries, outdoor sculpture gardens, inventive cuisine, and attention to detail make the North Carolina Museum of Art the ideal location for events and gatherings.

And of course, ZimZoom Photo Booth is the photo booth of choice at all of these Raleigh Wedding Venues, so rest assured – we know the perfect place for your photo booth experience!